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*bpp overall win  2017


  of the year 2017

* LPC participation



Ingo Rack

Ingo became self-employed in 1998 after a few years as an assistant at well-known agencies and after passing the exam in the master class of Achim Giesel, Frank Freihofer and Charles Compère.

- Workshops in Germany and abroad for a flash unit manufacturer and various associations such as the bpp (bund of professional portrait photographers), colorart or the Black Forest Photo Days were added, as was the award for International Photographer of High Quality Creative People 2011.

- awards from bpp for the best IPQ panel,   several top placements in the bpp contests

- Overall winner 2017 at the bpp

  "Photographer of the year 2017"

- LPC participation 2018

His focus is on product and industrial photography, but also on image and people photography as well as landscapes and drone photography.


Christian Bergst

Chris is a trained photographer and has been since 2013  in the team.

He's not just the man in the studio who answers all questions related

on computer and studio technology knows an answer, he is also the one

right contact person for product and industrial photography.

He puts the finishing touches to visualizations and 3D tours.

His sophisticated image processing technology lets all products appear in new splendor and has already inspired many customers.

In other studios he would at least be a master of digital dreams and realities.

Technical innovations are a must for him and he seamlessly integrates the achievements into the studio process.

In combination, we are prepared for almost all questions relating to photography and its implementation.

our studio

in a former auto repair shop

Since 2006 we have had our photo studio in a former car repair shop in Bad Buchau. On more than 200 square meters we can implement the most diverse requests with the most modern studio technology.

Whether high-resolution sensors or high-speed flash technology, whether drone photography or 360° shots, we are well equipped for many requirements.

In addition to photography, we also attach great importance to experienced post-production in-house in order to be able to optimally implement the customer's wishes.

our network

becomes your service

We offer photography in many facets and the associated professional image processing.

In addition, we can rely on an extensive network of graphic designers, advertising agencies,  make-up artists and model agencies.

Ask us.


Our team consists of two trained photographers with international awards and a branched network of graphic artists, agencies, but also make-up artists and stylists.

With us you get flexibility, professionalism and the highest quality not only in the areas of industrial and product photography.

Even as a small company or private individual, you can benefit from our many years of experience in many areas.

In addition to high-quality photography, we offer you a complete service from planning to image processing.

We also offer you drone photography and visualization, 

360 degree shots and 3D tours.

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