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Of the  Hohmichele  is a celtic  princely burial mound  the late  Hallstatt period

With a diameter of 85  m and a height of 13.5  m is the  barrow  one of the largest in Central Europe.

For more than 12 months we observed the Heuneburg, the Hohmichele and the "Alte Burg" and documented them at different times of the year. The burial mounds, many of them in the forest or in open fields, can hardly be seen in summer. Only the snow and the flat sun with its long shadows can make the elevations visible.

aerial view

Seasonal monitoring and documentation for the State Office for Monument Protection


Photos are intended to be used for advertising purposes for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


State Office for the Protection of Monuments in Baden-Württemberg



For decades, the area around the Heuneburg  archaeologically examined. The experts assume that the area was a large and important settlement area with political and religious centers 2,600 years ago.

The country has now nominated the early Celtic princely seat of Heuneburg and its surroundings on the upper Danube for the German list of proposals.

We would  commissioned to create a seasonal documentation of the Heuneburg, the burial mounds and the associated Celtic excavations.

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