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calendar shooting

The annual calendar from Bestwood Schneider has been around for a number of years. A women's and a men's version, both in black and white.

When we were brought into the team, the step towards color was dared. From the initial gentle women's calendar, we have progressed to more authentic photography. Since then, we have also been trying to make the men's calendar more real and  to take unembellished photos.

The models for the men's calendar are always sought after in the trades.

So if you are interested, you are welcome to contact us.


bestwood tailor



We have been able to produce the annual calendars with the marketing team from Bestwood Schneider for a number of years. In order to meet all wishes, there is a women's and a men's calendar. In addition to the production halls of Bestwood Schneider, the company premises with outdoor area, dispatch halls etc. also serve as locations.

During the calendar shootings, a lot is always demanded of our models. We have already photographed in the snow or an ice-cold stream, but also in a mountain full of wood chips, insulating material or pellets.

The company premises with the production halls have been used as a location for the calendar for some time. A location with endless possibilities.

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