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How does a photo shoot work?

I have put together a few simple rules and tips so that you can prepare a little and get an idea of how a shooting can go, but also how important good preparation is. They will help you and me to ensure an effective and harmonious process of the shooting. Maybe your first time in front of the camera is still ahead of you and I can take away your shyness and give you more security.
Who can book a shoot? Basically, if you want, you can. Or, if you want, you can . Everyone, young or old! (Under the age of 18 only with the written consent of the legal guardian! No nude photo shoots!) However, there is no binding right to a photo shoot.

The one from you  photos selected after the photo shoot  are retouched by us. This means that we optimize the files with regard to skin imperfections, dark circles under the eyes and other physical or other conditions that did not have the desired "perfection" on the day of the shoot. If necessary, we optimize the tonal values, contrasts, convert to black and white or adjust the image section.

When purchasing a data package with all files from the online gallery, all files are fundamentally optimized and possibly provided with a color look, but only the number of files included in the data package are retouched.

Book appointments in good time

Appointments should be made in good time, usually 1-2 weeks before the desired date. The first shoot in a new situation and in front of a strange camera is often a very important event for a person and can never be compared to the shots that your friends took on vacation or relatives at family celebrations. Nevertheless, there is no reason for nervousness on site, you can stay relaxed and relaxed. Before the photos are taken, we take the time and all open questions are clarified so that we can fully concentrate on your photos during the shoot.

If, exceptionally, it is not possible for you to show up for the shoot at the agreed time or if you have to cancel it altogether, let us know as soon as possible. And also make sure that your message actually reached us on time. 

We reserve the right to not timely  charge for canceled appointments.

How many people

are on set?

Basically, with nude/erotic shootings, only you and the photographer are alone on site and can work in peace. For lifestyle shootings, the support of an assistant can be helpful. The same applies here: “Too many cooks spoil the broth” (exception: customer under 18. In this case, a legal guardian is present on the set during the shoot). If you feel safer when accompanied, that's no problem - but only after prior consultation with me. An accompanying person also means one - not two, three or a few more..! However, I know from experience that even "the best friend" only distracts - and mom or dad and especially your own partner in an erotic shoot are usually the biggest obstacle to letting yourself go completely.

further questions?

Make-up yourself or from a professional?

Just as you like. For years I have been working with models who give themselves the right make-up. Most girls know how to dress up. On the other hand, I know about the many possibilities when you have make-up and hairstyling done by professionals. You will be styled before the shoot, this will be agreed and charged separately, and then it's off to a good start. Do you want the make-up artist on set throughout the session and several different make-up types - no problem. However, this must be booked in good time and will be billed by the hour.

crispy brown?

if tanned, then but correct. However, please pay attention to a seamless and even tan in good time - especially if you want to take swimwear or lingerie, nudes or partial nudes. Hiding white body parts (e.g. "butterflies" on the buttocks and shoulders from the sunbed, bikini stripes, etc.) or applying make-up with camouflage is possible, but often causes a lot of extra work and at the same time disturbs the smooth flow of the shoot if touched up repeatedly must be - especially when photographed with oiled skin.

Nude/erotic shooting

what is to be considered?

While we're on the subject, you should also note if the desired shots are lingerie or swimwear, nudes or partial nudes. Tight clothing, belts and especially bras and underwear with elastic cuffs leave unsightly patterns on the skin, which often take hours to completely disappear. It is easiest if you are wearing loose clothing when you arrive and, in the case of nude photographs, you may not wear underwear at all. Reworking or retouching such areas on the computer is like a bottomless pit, frame by frame it is very time-consuming and expensive.

What has to be considered during a photo shoot?

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